4 Ways To Decorate For Thanksgiving

The coming of fall means a change in weather, and an explosion of colour as Mother Nature starts her preparation for winter. While it may not be as popular as Christmas, Thanksgiving is still a festive occasion in many households, so it’s fun to decorate them accordingly.

Do you have some decorations you haul out of the attic each year at this time? If so, why not try something a bit different? Here are some suggestions on how you can add the Thanksgiving spirit to your home in time for October 9th (if any of our American friends are reading this, the same suggestions still apply, though you have extra time to prepare for your Thanksgiving on November 23rd).

Pinecone Centerpiece

Every dinner table needs an eye-catching centrepiece that fits the season, and pinecone centrepieces are a great choice for Thanksgiving. A candle in the middle provides the perfect accent and can help to provide subtle illumination at the end of the evening when you have the lights on low.

Pinecone centrepieces are available in a variety of designs and are also easy to make, using either pinecone from a craft store (often given some additional colour and/or a scent) or your backyard. Simple, homey, and perfect for this time of year, these are a wonderful addition to any Thanksgiving celebration. Complete the design with a complementary tablecloth and napkins, and some small gourds and pumpkins (real or artificial).

If you have used this design before and feel like a change, substitute a cornucopia filled with natural or artificial fruits and vegetables, such as apples, small gourds, pears, and squash.

Indoor Leaves

If you have trees on your property, Mother Nature will have provided you with a colourful carpet highlighting your property, and you can also bring this natural beauty indoors. Encourage your children to make craft projects using leaves you have preserved with wax paper. These are perfect as hanging ornaments on a mobile, artwork on a mantel, or garlands on a bowl or plate.

Craft stores also have a nice selection of artificial leaves that deliver the fall colours you need for this, and many more Thanksgiving celebrations to come.

Thankful Messages

Even though it is part of the name, some people forget this holiday involves celebrating what we are thankful for in our lives. Ask everyone who will be attending your home to provide a brief sentence or two on this topic and reproduce their thoughts on a piece of parchment. You can then hang them on the wall or place the messages in a collage framed with a seasonal border.

Porch Decorations

Once the inside is complete, don’t forget about setting the proper tone outside as well. There are porch decorations available that mirror fall’s colour scheme and a wreath of leaves provides a nice accent for any window or doorframe.

Fall is a time of harvest, so scarecrows and straws are also fitting reminders. If you would rather not go for the full-scale model, you can buy little scarecrow decorating kits and yardsticks. These are more cute than menacing, so you won’t scare off many crows, but the kids should love them. Add some pumpkins, corn stalks, and pomegranates, and don’t forget a bit of front door décor, like a wreath of leaves.

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