Four Interior Wall Colour Trends

Choosing a new wall colour is one of the most popular ways people change up their interior design. A new colour means the start of a new look! You may even be able to create another theme entirely without changing the furniture or accessories. Are you stuck on what colour or colours to paint your walls? Start by examining these four increasingly popular interior wall colour trends for inspiration. Ready? Let’s go!

Four Interior Wall Colour Trends

Light Brown

Chocolate brown used to be very popular when it came to wood, furniture, and even an occasional accent wall. This is no longer the case, but light brown is on the rise as a warm, neutral wall colour. This makes it a perfect choice for common areas, particularly if you want to create a cozy living room, or are renting an apartment or home. Light brown is a good choice to help boost a natural or earthy theme in your home’s interior design and decoration.

Cool Grey

grey, modern bedroom

Those who are looking for a sleek, modern interior design are opting more and more for a cool grey interior wall colour. It helps add some colour without drawing too much focus away from key pieces in the space. In black and white themed rooms, cool grey helps to cut through the harsh contrasts. This colour trend is most popular in the kitchen or bathroom, though it does pop up occasionally in other areas of the home.

Shades of Green

green bedroom

As environmental awareness increases, so, too, does the popularity of green as an interior wall colour. This could be a light green or a dark forest green. There can also be a blend of the two, depending on the room and the individual’s taste.

Another reason why green is becoming more popular on walls is its versatility. Although not the same as a neutral, like brown or off-white, you can still match green with many other colours. In addition, it is easy to evoke different feelings in a room with the shade of green used on the walls. This is often why you will see more than one room painted in green in a single home. For instance, a comforting, calm shade like mint green in a bathroom or bedroom, and a brighter shade or something dark, like forest green, in the living room.

Bright Accent

bright blue accent wall

This trend is not limited to a specific colour, but rather a grouping. Accent walls have been around for a while, but the current top colour trend for them is bright colours. In practice, this could mean a bright red wall as a perfect accent to a white and black room. Other popular colours for this interior wall trend are lime green, brilliant sky blue, and sunshine yellow. Aside from neutral colours, the bright colour of the accent wall contrasts nicely with a lighter shade of the same colour.

Image: kuprin28


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