5 Hot Tiling Trends – Latest Designs For Kitchens, Baths, And More

When you’re renovating or building a home from scratch, choosing the kitchen backsplash is always a fun step. There is no end of ways to decorate with tile: not only do tiles come in all colours and sizes, but you can combine them in a dazzling array of patterns to create any look you can imagine!

We’ve handpicked 5 hot tiling trends for your kitchen backsplash, and provided links to light your inspiration. These ideas could also inspire your next bathroom or fireplace renovation!

1. Experimental Patterns

Think rectangular subway tiles are old news? Not if you’re creative! Designers are making this affordable tile choice fresh again with inventive patterns like chevron and herringbone.

Here, one blogger artfully demonstrates how different patterns can completely change the look of these plain, white tiles. These creative patterns are a great option for those who have their hearts set on a white tile backsplash but still want their kitchen to stand out. See how the herringbone backsplash gives this airy kitchen a more modern look.

2. Tiny Tiles

If you were around in the 70s, you might recall styling your hair in a mirror surrounded by a grid of vibrant tiles. While those bright pastel colours (and that hairdo) are perhaps best left in the past, tiny square tiles have made a beautiful comeback in kitchen and bathroom design.

Small tiles appear almost as a texture rather than a pattern, giving walls and backsplashes beautiful depth. We love how this look turned out in our luxurious Oakwood build!

3. Bright and Bold

One of the upsides of decorating with tile is its versatility: depending on your choices, tiles can blend seamlessly into the backdrop of the kitchen or make a statement. This year, more and more designers are embracing the latter, turning the backsplash into an accent wall.

These black-and-white graphic tiles manage to be elegant and daring at once, while this cheery blue backsplash puts the finishing touch on an already-lively living space. If you want to make an impression, this definitely the tiling trend for your kitchen!

4. Industrial Style

Antique metals like brass and copper have been wildly popular in recent years, especially when it comes to kitchen design. This industrial style most often shows itself in metal fixtures, faucets and cabinet hardware; but some are taking it a step further with stunning metal tiles.

5. Unique Shapes

They may be the go-to option, but squares and rectangles are far from the only possibility when it comes to choosing a tile. Other geometric shapes, like triangles and hexagons, are increasingly popular. Some designers are even thinking outside the box entirely, creating beautiful organic patterns with circular and half-circle tiles.

Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

For more kitchen backsplash inspiration, check out our options page. This is a small sample of what we can do to create the perfect kitchens in prefab homes and cottages. The choices are limited only by your imagination! Our designers are always eager to discuss how you can incorporate the latest tiling trends for your kitchen.


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