6 Reasons to Build Your Dream Cottage in Huntsville

Most families who build a cottage want to be closer to the natural world. What better place to connect with nature than the legendary Algonquin Provincial Park? That’s definitely one of the most compelling reasons to build your dream cottage in Huntsville, but it’s not the only one. Here are a few of our favourite things about the scenic town of Huntsville, Ontario!

It Preserves its Past and Embraces its Future

Huntsville has been around since 1869. Originally an agricultural community, the city has grown to become the largest municipality in the Muskoka region. You can find evidence of the town’s modest roots in its historic downtown buildings and classic lakeside cottages, many of which have been passed down for generations.

Huntsville has just over 20,000 residents, but those lucky few have a lot to look forward to. Huntsville is a proudly forward-thinking community. Sustainability is at the top of the agenda. The town is home to the University of Waterloo’s Summit Centre for the Environment, a venue that hosts academic and professional meetings and workshops.

You can sum it up in Huntsville’s official slogan: “Touch the Past, Embrace the Future.”

Huntsville is a True Sporting Community

Expedia counts Huntsville as one of Canada’s most active cities, and for good reason. The town hosts the TriMuskokan triathlon, the Ironman Muskoka 70.3 race, and non-competitive sporting events like the Spin the Lakes cycling tour.

The town sits at the gateway to Algonquin Park, which has seemingly endless hiking trails and over 2000 km of interconnected canoeing routes. There’s more than one person could explore in a lifetime — not that you’d ever want the adventure to end.

There’s Lots to Do

Need to take a break from hiking or canoeing? Hit up the shops, explore the town’s rich history at the heritage museum, or kick up your feet at a romantic spa. You won’t have to travel far from your dream cottage in Huntsville to experience something new.

When it comes to dining, Huntsville has a lot more to offer than a camper’s diet of hot dogs and marshmallows. The downtown core of Huntsville has pubs, cafes, fine dining, and the picturesque Dockside restaurant. And you won’t have to go far to find that fresh Kawartha Dairy ice cream!

Huntsville has Character

The historic streets of downtown Huntsville are bursting with authenticity, including quaint family businesses and an old clock tower. It stands as a refreshing compliment to the cottage character and modern developments in other parts of town.

The Housing Market is Healthy but Accessible

Despite the ebb and flow of the housing market, Huntsville remains a relatively affordable place to build a cottage in Ontario. Property values are steadily increasing, but not to the extremes of other parts of the Muskoka region. A lakeside cottage in Huntsville is still within reach for many families who could not afford the same in the Muskoka Lakes.

The People of Huntsville Have Community Spirit

Huntsville is one of the top ten communities of all sizes in Canada for participation in the annual Culture Days events, where the community’s talented artists, musicians, and designers share their craft with the world.

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