5 of Our Favourite Countertop Materials

Choosing a countertop can be hard. Colour, style, material – there are just so many choices! Thankfully, we’ve created a list of the top 5 countertop materials for your new build or kitchen project.

1. Laminate

Laminate is one of the most popular options for countertops. It resembles marble or granite but is far more affordable. Laminate comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and now includes textured surfaces, too.

We carry Standard and Premium profiles as well as various designs such as Arborite and Formatop.

Laminate countertops are often called ‘plastic laminate’ because the surface is technically plastic. They are made up of a particle board core with layers of laminate bonded over top. Laminate is quite durable, and the laminate available today is of a higher quality than ever before.

One downside to laminate is that it scratches more easily than stone. All this means is that you’ll need to make sure you always use a cutting board or hot pad to protect the surface from damage. Laminate countertops are great for those with a limited budget, or those shopping for a countertop for a children’s bathroom (since they can be sanitized with a quick wipe.)

2. Corian

Corian is a lesser-known countertop option. It’s made of a material derived from bauxite ore — the world’s primary source of aluminum. Corian is more expensive than laminate but slightly less expensive than granite and quartz.

Corian is heat, stain, scratch and chemical-resistant, and although we recommend using a hot pad when placing something hot on top, minor scratches can be buffed out using an abrasive pad. It’s non-porous with a seamless appearance and comes in over 100 colour options.

Joints can be made nearly invisible by joining pieces with a colour-matched acrylic adhesive. Colour pigments are added to the resin to give the final colour, and Corian doesn’t fade for many years.  It’s a great option for those looking for low maintenance (it never needs to be sealed) and a unique countertop.

3. Quartz

Quartz is more than just a pretty name. It brings nature indoors. Not only is quartz a natural material, its scratch-resistance measures 7.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. Only diamonds, topaz, and sapphires rank higher than quartz.

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant, although they are less resistant to heat and slightly more expensive than granite. On the plus side, they are non-porous, which means that bacteria and liquids are not easily trapped inside the stone.

Whether you’re considering a kitchen backsplash, kitchen countertop, or bathroom vanity, buying a quartz countertop will create luxury, beauty, and durability, enhancing any home design.

4. Granite

Granite countertops are stunning. Granite is a natural stone, often beginning as molten magma that flows into other rock structures and cools slowly. It typically features rich veining, specks and other unique characteristics, and comes in a wide range of colours and profiles, each one slightly different. Granite is extremely durable and could just be the last countertop you ever need.

Although one of the more expensive options, granite offers a high return on investment which could increase the resale value of your home, should you choose to sell down the line?  In terms of maintenance, granite should be re-sealed every 1-2 years to minimize the risk of staining.  Unlike Corian, which is seamless, the colour variation of each piece of Granite often creates a visible seam, even with a skilled installation.

Granite countertops are perfect for those looking for a long-lasting, durable countertop, with a larger budget.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one of the more unassuming options. If you’re looking for something with an industrial look or you’re a serious cook, stainless steel is your best bet!  The quickest way to bring a professional vibe to your home’s meal prep zone is by installing stainless steel countertops.

This material is becoming more and more popular with homeowners looking for a durable, stain and heat-resistant worktop. The modern appearance of stainless steel blends in with any aesthetic and can make the room feel much more spacious!

Stainless Steel cannot burn or rust due to the metal’s composition. Oils, acids, and drinks like red wine that might mark up other countertops won’t settle on stainless steel. One thing to keep in mind when considering a metal countertop is that you’ll need to protect the surface from knives or any sharp objects that could scratch it.

Looking for something that’s 100% recyclable? Stainless steel is for you!


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