5 Reasons to Build a Home in Peterborough

Peterborough is much more than a cottage destination. The Peterborough of today has grown into a full-fledged city, with diverse neighbourhoods and amenities for families of all ages and stages. But it hasn’t lost what drew us there in the first place: the natural beauty and small-town charm that marks the gateway to the beautiful Kawartha region. We could spend all day rattling off reasons to build a home in Peterborough, but we’ll stick to a few of the highlights!

Peterborough is Utterly Gorgeous

Many a town would like to claim the honour of the best lakes and parks in Ontario, but Peterborough is among the few that can say it in earnest. But don’t believe us — check out this photo gallery and see for yourself!

The city is a stone’s throw from a plethora of incredible parks, including the enigmatic Petroglyphs. When you build a home in Peterborough, you won’t have to venture far to find the finest camping and canoeing this province has to offer.

You Can Live On The Lake

Peterborough is one of few places that lets you live on the lake and in the city at once. At the heart of the city rests the iconic body of water known as Little Lake, which plays host to the longest-running summer music festival in the country. The shores of Little Lake are a hub of activity year-round, including fantastic Canada Day fireworks display.

Peterborough Brings People Together

Want to grow a little closer? Peterborough might just do the trick. It’s practically full of beautiful vistas and places to spend time with the ones you hold dear. Tour a brewery, browse an art gallery, or spend time sampling treats at the farmer’s market; there’s plenty of things to do with your best partners-in-crime.

There’s Tons to See

History buffs will find no end of stories to explore in Peterborough. Once known as the Electric City, Peterborough was one of the first places in Canada to use electric streetlights. In the center of town lies the impressive Peterborough Lift Lock, one of the biggest boat lifts in the world. And if you’re more into the low-tech, there’s an entire museum dedicated to that most Canadian of transportation vessels, the canoe. In short, there’s tons of opportunities to get your geek on.

Peterborough Is A Place For Everyone

You might not think ‘diversity’ when you picture cottage country, but Peterborough is truly a place with something for everyone. The five main neighbourhoods that make up the fabric of the city are full of personality, even inspiring a clothing line in their name. When you build a home in Peterborough, you have the chance to become part of something unique.

Plus, there’s no shortage of room for families to grow! Today, Peterborough has over a dozen schools and a flourishing job market.

Thinking of building a home in Peterborough? Visit our Peterborough Design Centre to explore the possibilities.


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