5 Patio Trends for 2017

Your backyard patio can be more than a place to park a few chairs. It can be a beautiful, intimate space to share with your friends and loved ones.

The top patio trends of 2017 are all about embracing your outdoor living space. Let’s step outside and explore five patio trends you can try this summer!

Bring the Indoors Out

The top 2017 patio trend? Bringing indoor styles to outdoor spaces. The past few years have seen this trend growing steadily, and it’s definitely here to stay.

Plain, plastic patio furniture is out in favour of plush sofas, ottomans, and side tables that would look right at home in the living room. Paired with outdoor rugs and weather-proof upholstery, this new style of outdoor furniture turns the patio into an extension of the indoor living space.

Choose Colourful Accents

One of the great things about outdoor spaces is the freedom to use bright colours and bold patterns. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with vibrant tones, the patio is the perfect place to start!

Outdoor throw pillows are the most popular way to add a splash of colour to the patio. Bright turquoise, flaming orange, and energetic green tones pair with neutral base cloths to create a pleasing colour balance. Pillows are a trendy addition to your existing ensemble, and it’s easy to switch them out as colour trends come and go.

Bring a Friend

Here in Canada, we know how to make the most out of summer. And there’s no better way to spend a warm summer afternoon than kicking back on the patio with company.

That’s why built-in barbeques, outdoor fridges, and backyard fireplaces are trending in 2017. These additions turn your patio into a communal space, perfect for entertaining guests. It’s a bigger investment than new pillows and furniture, but for dedicated patio dwellers, these features can take your backyard barbeques to a new level.

Go Natural

Rustic furniture is a great way to create a cozy, cottage atmosphere in your own backyard. Solid wood and woven styles are both on-trend in 2017. For a more affordable option, you can find plastic patio furniture that mimics woven or wood finishes.

This versatile trend pairs well with other styles, like the colourful accents and communal features described above. For a more sophisticated feel, rustic furniture also goes well with rich earth tones. It also compliments planters and hanging baskets perfectly, making this trend a great choice for avid gardeners who want to add a modern touch.

Add a Finishing Touch

To top off the indoors-out trend, many other flourishes of interior décor are finding their way outdoors. Your favourite potted plants, wall hangings, and other indoor accessories can have a place in your backyard patio. This is a chance to add character and create ambiance for your outdoor space. Try combining the top 2017 patio trends with your own personal style!

Have you started prepping your patio this year? Let us know which 2017 patio trends you plan to bring home!

Images: iriana88w zstockphotos


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