5 Reasons Why Gravenhurst Is The Perfect Place To Build a Cottage

Gravenhurst is a cottage builder’s dream. The town of 12,000 has it all: winding rivers and shimmering lakes, charming shops and art galleries, local-brewed beer and homestyle cooking. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a Canadian cottage town, Gravenhurst is, without a doubt, worth a look.

Here are five of our favourite reasons to build a cottage (or even a year-round home!) in this unique part of the Muskoka region.

1. Lakes

Muskoka’s lakes are legendary, and Gravenhurst happens to be nestled between two of the best. The smaller Gull Lake lies to the south, and the town borders the grand Lake Muskoka to the north.

Cottagers have no end of ways to explore these gorgeous waters, from canoeing and kayaking to motorboating to steamships. Yes, you read that right; Gravenhurst is home to North America’s oldest operating steamship, the Royal Mail Ship Segwun, and her cousin, the Wenonah II.

Whether you prefer to explore the lakes by paddle or settle into a catered boat cruise, the Muskoka region boasts some of the best lakes Canada has to offer. And Gravenhurst has a front-row seat.

2. Short Distance from the GTA

Looking for a long weekend escape? Gravenhurst is just two hours north of the City of Toronto, and even closer to the edges of the Greater Toronto Area.

When you build a cottage in Gravenhurst, you’ll only have to travel a few short hours up Highway 11 to reach your home-away-from-home (feel free to stop in Barrie or Orillia for a snack along the way.) It will be easy for your friends and relatives to visit as well.

3. Celebrity Prestige

It’s no longer a secret that Muskoka region is the summer home to some serious A-list celebrities, especially on the Big Three lakes (Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph). Not everyone in Gravenhurst has had a celebrity encounter, but you don’t have to go far to meet someone who has. It’s rare to find a corner of cottage country that feels so alive with possibility.

4. World-Class Golf Courses

Perhaps the most underrated part of the Muskoka region (face it, it’s hard to compete with those lakes!) is its golf scene.

Sprinkled between the breathtaking lakes and forests are a selection of Canada’s finest golf clubs. Muskoka has more public-access golf courses ranked in the Top 100 than any other Canadian golf destination, many a short drive from Gravenhurst. The region is also known for its toughness, challenging even the best golfers with “wild greens, narrow fairways, large trees and tall rough.”

For experienced and novice golfers alike, Gravenhurst has enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

5. Idyllic Cottage Life

Gravenhurst has all the hallmarks (and beyond) of a perfect Canadian cottage country.

The town itself captures the essence of a close-knit Canadian community. At the same time, its local businesses and amenities have flourished from the patronage of thousands of annual visitors. Now, Gravenhurst is home to some of the region’s stand-out restaurants, art galleries, hotels, breweries, and antique markets.

In any other part of Canada, Gravenhurst would still be a special place. The fact that it’s surrounded by beautiful Muskokas makes it unforgettable.

Want to Build a Cottage in Gravenhurst?

Looking for a Muskoka home builder to build your cottage in Gravenhurst? Consider the benefits of building a prefab. Our Muskoka cottages look just like a traditional home inside and out (check out our recent builds!)

We welcome you to visit our homes in person at our Gravenhurst Design Centre.


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