A Home for Everyone

Are you looking at homes but not quite sure what style or type of home may work best for you? From cottage-style to modern homes and from bungalows to two-storey homes, there are many options that may work, but what is the best fit? Let’s explore some types of people that may be looking to purchase a new home and what could be a great fit for them:

Younger Adults, Minimalists

For any young adults out there, modern homes are a popular and well-suited option for you.

As you’re looking at homes, you may want to find a house that matches your sleek and contemporary style, while not breaking the bank. We believe that not only the wealthy should be able to afford a home designed with flair and skill by a great architect. There are modern home options that are great at combining both cost efficiency with a youthful style that is perfect for the younger demographic.

Making the effort to live a minimalist lifestyle? Modern-style homes are perfect for you. A range of sizes can work as you may choose to buy a smaller one for saving money and space. You can also purchase a larger home if you intend to live in the home long-term and grow into the space. While size may differ, the sleek and clean look of modern homes promotes a clutter-free lifestyle.

Are you a minimalist millennial? Double-whammy – modern homes may just be the perfect choice for you!

Retirees, Empty Nesters

As retirees are aging, there’s one main issue in your standard home – stairs.

Stairs can bring a burden to your knees and body, which isn’t ideal for the place you come to relax. This makes bungalows an excellent option and the main floor is built out, so everything is on one level, eliminating stairs as a daily issue. You can even customize your bungalow to feel like your dream lake house cottage retirement.

A bungalow would also be a great option to consider for empty nesters out there, as their space requirements have changed.

If it’s just yourself or you and a partner – maybe some furry friends too – you can downsize your home but make it feel much larger than before. Your floorplan is all on one level, so although your square footage may have decreased, bungalows don’t make it feel like it has.


If your house is full of children, a two-story home may be the best option for you. It fulfils the space requirement you need by having a level with only bedrooms to allow enough personal space for every family member.

Aside from the space requirements for a family, two-storey homes have an added bonus by allowing parents to have their bedrooms on a separate floor from the children. This is a large factor in why two-storey homes are perfect for families, so parents out there can have their adult space – or floor- to enjoy their home.

Since every person and their interests are unique, their best fit will differ. If you have an idea of the style you like but want to explore different styles that will pique your interest, visit our models page for some inspiration.


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