7 Enduring Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Does your vision of your “dream home” include abundant natural light, space to spare, and a house full of happy guests?

If so, you really should consider an open floor plan for your custom home! A well-designed, open-concept space can make even the tiniest home feel like a palace.

Here, we’ll help you envision exactly why an open floor plan can do wonders for the tranquillity and convenience of your custom home.

1. Embracing Natural Light 

This benefit of open floor plans is simple, yet so significant.

Interior walls block sunlight because they act as barriers to rays that would otherwise connect your indoor spaces with outdoor ones. Open floor plans remove those barriers from the equation!

The Lakeview model home has a wide, open great room with an array of windows to flood the entire space with sunlight. Not only does this home feel spacious and bright, but all the natural light can be a tremendous boost to your well-being!

2. Creating the Illusion of Space

Okay, maybe calling the additional space in open floor plans an ‘illusion’ is a touch unfair. Because it’s no magic trick—the space is there for you to use!

It’s probably fairer to call it ‘found’ space since it would be lost if you lived in the same square footage with a closed floor plan.

Two-story homes with vaulted ceilings are the ideal fit for open layouts, since opening the space upwards further promotes that spacious energy!

3. You’ll Be Everybody’s Favourite Host

When you’re entertaining in a non-open space, it often feels more like you’re at work than at a party.

Not sure what we mean? Think about it this way.

While your guests are all chatting up a storm and having the time of their lives, you spend at least part of the night closed off in the kitchen – separated from your friends by an interior wall!

Open floorplans allow you to see and converse with your guests so that you can be a great host and a social butterfly. No one feels cut off or stuck in a corner of the house!

4. A Multifaceted, Flexible Layout

Closed spaces don’t allow for much wiggle room for big furniture pieces and accessories. There are maybe a few options – at most – that’ll make both practical and aesthetic sense.

Open layouts, on the other hand, offer plenty of opportunities to reconfigure furnishings and accessories. You can experiment to your heart’s content, especially since it’ll be easier to move larger items!

Open spaces can also be multifunctional. The same room can be a family room, home office, and home gym all at once, for example! One corner of your living room could easily become an office space, or a reading nook, or a place for guests with a pull-out couch.

5. Wheelchair and Walker Accessibility

If you’re looking to build your Forever Home, you’ll want to consider your future.

As you age, you or a loved one might require a wheelchair or walker—and you’ll want to move around your home as seamlessly as before. Open floorplans like the beautiful Bluewater take away walls and leave enough space for you to navigate with ease while in a wheelchair or walker.

Our Royal Homes design experts are specialists in barrier-free homes that are welcoming and accessible to everyone. Learn more about our barrier-free building options!

6. Simplified Supervision

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you know how tough it is to keep an eye on the kids while you’re working, entertaining, or trying to have a moment to yourself. You’ll gladly take whatever advantage you can get to make the job easier!

An open floor space means there are virtually no barriers, meaning you can more easily keep a watchful eye on your kids or grandkids while going about your day. You won’t have to look far to reassure yourself when you suddenly notice it’s “too quiet!”

7. Keeping You Connected with Nature

Having all the luxury of living indoors, combined with the beauty and splendour of the outdoors, is a tremendous advantage that comes with open spaces.

With fewer barriers comes the ability to add floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, you can incorporate an expansive deck or veranda, as seen in the stunning Royal Q Muskoka model! You’ll never get cabin fever in a gorgeous, open home like this one.

Are you interested in an open floor plan for your custom home? Reach out to our Royal Homes designers today—we’d love a chance to discuss your custom layout!


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