9 Steps to Building Your Own Home

Planning your dream home is an exciting time filled with countless possibilities and plenty of emotion and anticipation. At Royal Homes, we are dedicated to helping you build a home that is perfect for you. What’s more, a Royal Homes Project Specialist is with you every step of the way. 

Two storey Royal Homes custom home model

1. Design it – Planning your home starts with choosing the perfect Royal Homes model to suit your lifestyle. Choose from our extensive library of floor plans for inspiration. Meet with our design team to customize them until you are satisfied with a plan that meets your every need. From bungalows to two-storey homes, to our Platinum and Royal Q series of homes, we’re sure to have a home design that’s right for you.  

2. Style it – Once you’ve settled on a plan, it’s time to customize your home. Choose exterior cladding including brick, stone, wood or vinyl siding and colour optionsBe inspired by the latest design trends and visit our Design Centre to see and feel cabinets, flooring, tiles, countertops and more.  

3. Stake it – You probably already have an idea of the kind of place where you’d like to buy a piece of land. It pays to do your research on the area, and community to make sure it offers both natural surroundings like lakes and trails, as well as shopping, schools and cultural spaces

Make sure you obtain a survey of the land before you commit to buying. If your land is not in a suburb, you may also benefit from a check for soil contaminationAs an example; sites that formerly were home to gas stations will have contaminated soil and cannot be built on. You will need to obtain any necessary municipal permits. 

Once you’ve found that perfect lot it is time to stake out your home. Which way will the living room window face? Which wall will have a fireplace? Your imagination can fill in the rooms as you begin to realize your dream will become reality.  

Don’t forget to consider any southern exposure. Homes facing the sun will benefit from faster-melting snow in the spring. 

4. Build the Foundation  A solid foundation is essential to a well-built home. This is why Royal Homes insists on building the foundation using top-quality building materials, and back it up with a 5-year “no-leak” warranty.  

5. Build it – Your home is built indoors in factory setting, sheltered from the effects of weather, with multiple professional construction teams working simultaneously to ensure your home is built with the best materials and on time.  

Royal Homes are built to last. Every Royal Home must meet four different quality standards; the Ontario Provincial Building Code, local municipal by-laws, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and our own 250-point inspection. 

6. Deliver it – Your home is delivered on time, on budget and hassle-free. Once your home is placed on-site, crews make sure sections fit together like a glove.  

Watch us set a home in the heart of urban Ontario. 

7. Finish it – There are always some finishing touches to be made on-site. It’s all part of the process and the experienced on-site crew is there to look after all the details.   

8. Move in – All that’s missing now is for you to move in, arrange your furniture and fill the closets and cupboards with your own things. The excitement of this day is hard to beat 

9. Warranty it  At Royal Homes, we not only take pride in building quality homes, we also back it with superior service and warranties. Royal Homes extends the 7-year structural Tarion warranty for 3 additional years to provide a full 10-year warranty. This is in addition to our 5-year foundation warranty. Royal Homes is in a select group of only 7% of all of Ontario’s 6,000 builders that meets Tarion’s stringent guidelines for outstanding customer service. Royal Homes is proud to have been awarded the highest Excellent Builder rating from the program every year since it began. 


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