10 Hot New Kitchen Trends in 2018

Variety is the spice of life! Incorporating fresh designs into your kitchen is a bold way to bid the bygone year farewell and ring in the new. Here are our picks for new kitchen trends to savour in 2018.

1. Statement Appliances

When it comes to interior design, kitchen appliances get left out of the spotlight. But why? The oven is the heart of the kitchen, and the fridge is of equal stature. That’s why we’re excited about this new kitchen trend for 2018: statement appliances.

Appliance makers are finally making ovens and fridges fun again. Statement appliances come in a colourful range of finishes, often with bright metal accents that make a bold design statement.

2. Unexpected Cabinet Finishes

Whitewashing is the simplest way to make a kitchen feel clean and bright, but the white cabinet trend has grown a tad predictable. Instead, more people are looking to revitalize their kitchen cabinetry with unexpected colours and finishes.

Expect to see more two-toned cabinets, embossed doors and drawers, and rich jewel tones that add depth and texture to the kitchen.

3. Smart Kitchens

The year 2017 was a turning point for smart home technology. Gadgets like voice-activated smart speakers finally leapt from the niche to the mainstream. Now, many homeowners are retrofitting their kitchens to integrate smart devices, and builders are increasingly incorporating these technologies from the ground up. Wi-fi-ready appliances and smart kitchen lighting are likely to gain even more prominence in 2018.

4. Open Shelving

Replacing closed cabinets with open shelving helps break the monotony of the kitchen’s upper half. Not only can they show off prized cookware and cutlery, but shelves can also display handpicked accessories that give the kitchen a personal touch.

5. Built-in Pantries

Storage space is a hot commodity in the kitchen. The desire to declutter and organize has renewed people’s interest in dedicated kitchen pantries that blend seamlessly into the kitchen’s design theme.

6. Accessibility

Multigenerational living is making a comeback. There is a greater need for kitchens that welcome everyone in the household, including those who are less able. Inclusive kitchens, with space to turn a wheelchair, multi-height work surfaces, and accessible appliances, are a growing kitchen trend in 2018.

7. Brass and Copper Fixtures

Copper and brass are a warmer take on the cold, steel fixtures of old. These old-world finishes are trending across the house, but especially so in the kitchen, where their subtle shine pairs wonderfully with light or dark countertops. Add a light touch of class with brass or copper light fixtures, faucets, drawer pulls, or cookware.

8. Shades of Blue

You may not think of it as the traditional pick for kitchen cabinets, but blue is making a splash in 2018. Darker shades top the charts, with softer blues for contrast.

9. Double-Island Kitchens

Once an afterthought, kitchen islands have become an essential piece of the ensemble. Homeowners rely on them; potential home buyers practically demand them. And designers are finding new and clever ways to put kitchen islands to work, from open shelving to wine storage to built-in appliances.

Double-island kitchens are a rising kitchen trend in 2018. Two kitchen islands can each serve distinct needs (a prep area and a sitting area, for example) or work together to provide ample food prep and serving space.

10. Vibrant Colours

Though you may toil there for hours on end, the kitchen need not be awash in utilitarian, neutral tones. It should be a playful space that sparks your culinary creativity! Vibrant colours can find their way into an otherwise modest kitchen through lighter touches like accent walls, accessories, or small appliances.


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