Give Your Home Curb Appeal with These 5 Awesome Hacks

Curb appeal is making your home’s exterior so eye-catching at first glance that any passerby would wish they lived there themselves. 

There are two types of homeowners for whom curb appeal is important: 

  1. You’ve just finished building a custom home and take great pride in your property. You want people to pass and go, “Wow, what a gorgeous home!” and you want guests to always be amazed upon arrival. 
  2. You’re trying to sell your property so you can build a custom home. To do that, you need to attract enough buyers to drive up that old property’s value. 

In either case, there’s one detail about curb appeal that should appeal to you: namely, it doesn’t have to be labour intensive or time-consuming. Some specific hacks and tricks can make the exterior of your home into a visual masterpiece in a short time. 

Read on and learn how to seamlessly enhance curb appeal with the tricks and hacks discussed below!

Curb Appeal Hack #1: Update Your Hardware

If your wall-mounted mailbox, overhead light fixture, and house numbers are rusty and lacklustre, it hampers your home’s exterior aesthetic. On the other hand, when you give these various pieces of hardware the attention they deserve, it adds a sense of style and sophistication to your property, driving up curb appeal significantly. 

Before jumping in head-first into this upgrade, be mindful not to group your hardware together via piecemeal or mixing and matching. There must be cohesion between these hardware elements for them to pop the way they should! 

People trying to sell a traditional home might benefit more from hardware with oiled-bronze finishes, whereas those in brand-new custom-built dwellings will boost their curb appeal with white brushed nickel hardware.

Curb Appeal Hack #2: Window Box Installations

They say eyes are the windows into your soul. Well, we say that windows are the eyes into your home that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. And, as such, your windows deserve some extra attention when you’re touching up your curb appeal! 

You can leverage your windows by installing boxes. This feature provides a sense of quaintness, charm, and colour to your home’s exterior. 

Most of our customers aim for a “cottage” feel to their custom homes. In which case, painted wood is your best bet. Conversely, those seeking to sell a more traditional-looking home should go with copper or iron. 

This then begs the question of how you should decorate your window box, to which we’ll answer, do so according to your lighting conditions. Also, mix and match plants and flowers.

Curb Appeal Hack #3: Give Your Door a Makeover

Doors tend to take centre stage when it comes to curb appeal because your front entry point sets the overall tone of your home. 

Right off the bat, consider installing a custom wood door to give this crucial element of curb appeal some added zeal. 

Additionally, dirty spots surrounding the knob should be cleaned off, and door fixtures should be treated with metal polish. Keeping up with this practice as an act of maintenance will keep your property’s curb appeal at peak levels. 

Cohesiveness and continuity are big themes with curb appeal (and most other elements of home design). So, ensure that your entry is consistent with your home’s interior. A flag, piece of swag, or a decorative wreath on your door that meshes with your personal style will tie things together perfectly.

Curb Appeal Hack #4: Take a Comfortable Seat

This hack, specifically, should appeal to owners of our custom homes, because it will make you the ultimate host. Comfortable porch furniture practically begs your visitors to take a seat and share laughs (and maybe a few beverages) for the next few hours. It’s a recipe for memorable occasions! 

Think about it. Adding seats to your home’s public face increases the chances of guests staying outside and including your neighbours in their conversation. That’s how homes turn into neighbourhood hubs. And nothing quite says curb appeal like a whole community of people having fun together in your front yard. 

As for porch seating ideas? 

There’s this magic about a rocking chair wavering in the wind that your guests can’t resist. Or, if you want things simple, a small chair for a tiny porch table packs enough of a curb appeal punch. 

Curb Appeal Hack #5: Add a Sense of Magic and Charm to Your Gates and Fencing

Much of the time, it’s what people can’t see that attracts the eye. It’s human psychology to want what they don’t have. We romanticize the strong silent type – and not the loud blabbering type – because the former always leaves us wanting to learn more. 

The above line of thinking is why intricately carved fencing, gates, doors, and gardens add to your home’s curb appeal. 

Through this design approach, you’re establishing a sense of privacy and mystery to your curb appeal–making people wonder what’s beyond those gates. And with that comes a sense of magic and imagination that most onlookers simply can’t resist. 

In other words, using this hack is bound to drive up the value of your current home. Or, for those not intending to sell, it will give guests even more reasons to keep visiting. 

Homeowners Beware – People Judge Books By Their Covers!

Sure. In school, we all learned not to judge books by their covers. But the truth of the matter is your home isn’t a book that costs 15 bucks; it’s a living space that’s worth 6 or 7 figures! And your curb appeal is a strong indicator of what’s inside. 

Whether you’re trying to create an inviting environment for guests or increase the selling price of your property, strong curb appeal is integral to your cause. The above tips and hacks will set you on the right path!

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