How to Maximize Your View of the Fall Colours from Your Custom-Built Home

Imagine a realtor telling you about a beautiful, spacious home. It has an enormous backyard, and the price is right, fitting well within your budget. 

But there’s a problem: the house overlooks a busy highway. Nobody wants to see (or hear) transport trucks, SUVs, and hatchbacks weaving through four lanes from their home. 

This is just one example of what the view can do to an otherwise perfect home ‒ and one of the biggest advantages of going custom. 

Custom homes can be designed to maximize views, increasing your enjoyment levels and overall quality of life. Also, with it being fall, this topic is right on time! 

These are some of our favourite tips for maximizing your fall viewing experience. 

  1. Be Mindful of Your Layout

Your floor plan or layout will make or break your ability to enjoy the vibrant colours of autumn leaves and the dreamlike fall sunsets (and sunrises) from inside your home. 

There is a balancing act here: you must first navigate your lifestyle when laying out your floor plan. While doing this, you must also prioritize the view in multiple rooms, which can be tricky. 

Here’s something else to consider: in eras past, builders and designers made homes where the view was showcased and optimized in only one room. Today, you’re buying a custom home in an era where home-building has blossomed. Innovation has been at the forefront of floor planning and design. As such, you can layout your custom home to have panoramic windows from almost all angles in your abode. 

Don’t forget the placement and location of your custom home. You’ll want to leverage sunrise and sunset without impeding your privacy!

  2. There’s No View Without Windows

Maximizing your view isn’t only about having lots of windows. It’s about having the right kind of windows! 

We’ll break down some of the better choices of windows to showcase your gorgeous outdoor surroundings below. But before we do that, remember that while your windows should help you enjoy the vibrant autumn foliage and wildlife, there remains the matter of your privacy. 

With that said, here are the windows you should consider to maximize your view: 

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows 

      Are you into a more modern, elegant design and making a bold statement when guests enter your home? Then floor-to-ceiling windows are for you. Need proof? Check out these breathtaking examples 

  • Bay and Bow Windows 

      These allow you to see more of your surroundings because they’re significantly larger than traditional windows. They work best in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. 

  • Panoramic Windows 

      This option brings in exponentially more light than traditional windows, offering broad, 360-degree views from several rooms in your custom home.  

  3. Balconies and Terraces Always Maximize Your View

While many people love the idea of outdoor BBQs during the summer, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the crisp autumn air over a warm cup of coffee on a second- or third-floor balcony. 

One of the best parts of building a balcony is the versatility involved. It can be located in the backyard, front yard, or both. And you have the choice of room it’s attached to! 

When you live on a street with colourful, well-manicured gardens, a front-facing balcony might be your best bet. Conversely, when your property backs onto a ravine or woodland, you and your guests will revel in a terrace or balcony built in the backyard. 

There are plenty of fence and railing options on the market. Do your research on the best options so you can blend eye-catching design with a maximized view. 

  4. Build Your Own Paradise

It always helps to build your custom home amid a lush green utopia. 

But your custom dwelling could be smack-dab in a concrete jungle, and it’d still be possible to maximize your view…within reason. How? By turning your backyard into your own version of paradise. 

Decide whether your ideal outdoor setting consists of a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen and shimmering pool. Or, are you more into Spanish-style courtyards and lush gardens that turn all colours of the rainbow come autumn? Maybe, it’s something in between. 

Consider adding the following accessories to your outdoor area to add a sense of tranquillity: 

  • Fire pit 
  • Plants 
  • Sculpture 
  • Water fountains 
  • Ponds 

  5. Mirrors Can Work Magic 

When it comes to amplifying your landscape/view outside your custom home, there’s nothing quite like a mirror to push things over the top. 

Specifically, by placing your mirrors near windows, you’ll improve your front and peripheral views, allowing you to take everything in. Furthermore, positioning your mirrors in such a way will push natural light into your space. Speaking of which…  

  6. Leverage Your Lighting

You can’t maximize your custom home’s view if you aren’t strategic with your lighting. 

Initially, you need to get your light layering correct. Also, ensure your hanging fixtures won’t disrupt your view. 

And don’t get so caught up in interior lighting that you neglect the exterior of your custom home. Consider hanging eye-catching lanterns on your trees so you can view the outdoors even when it starts getting darker earlier during the autumn. 

With these helpful tips, every day will be a new day to revel in the view of your Royal Home! 


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