He Said He’d Be There Tuesday

One of my friends made the leap and purchased his first custom-built home. He was pumped about it. He had poured over the designs, making sure every detail was perfect for his personal needs. He had selected flooring, cabinets, lighting and exterior finishes. He could already see his first Christmas tree in the awesome bank of windows in the formal living room.

What he didn’t imagine is the unbelievable chain of delays.

Sub-trades didn’t show. Products were wrong or not delivered on time. Each delay set the final delivery back another week… Or two.

In the end, the delivery of the house was more than 24 months (2 years) delayed.

The cost of those kinds of overruns is significant.

Now this is extreme.

Founder of Home Tips. com, Don Vandervort says: “When you buy an existing home, you make a few changes and move in, but a custom home can take up to a year… materials don’t show up on time, so expect delays.”

It’s obvious that Mr. Vandervort has not built a custom prefab home.

You see prefab has all sorts of advantages.

First of all, we work with you so that your lot is prepared for your home. Many people are a little shy of buying their own land and then building – but let me tell you, the right lot is a dream come true. Royal Home’s team has been in the business for more than 40 years. They walk with you, step by step.

Second, while the lot is being prepped, the actual building can continue. We don’t have to wait – the two processes can happen simultaneously. And our experts help you meet the building codes. We understand the process and we are there for you, helping to ensure the process goes well.

Thirdly, there are no delays because we build in a factory. We have long standing relationships with companies that provide custom components. As our design team works with you, designing each room, they are able to build an accurate timeline for your build – because they know what they are working with.

Finally, the factory process eliminates surprises. One of the trickiest things to manage in a custom build is the sub-trades. The dance of the trades is a complex process, as they each depend on facets of the other sub-trades to make sure the job is done right. But at Royal Homes most of our tradespeople are internal – they work for Royal Homes. They are a part of the prefab construction process. We don’t phone them when we are ready for them; they are already there at our factory.


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