My Lot – My Home

One of the things I appreciate most about Royal Homes is their ability to take your lot – wherever it is – and build your dream home. Unlike traditional stick builders, they don’t have to drag truckloads of building materials to your site. They just bring the home – completely finished.

Royal Homes’ unique building technology is perfect for lots that will pose challenges to many other custom home builders.

Here’s why:

1. Royal Homes has been building custom homes in unique places for more than 40 years. They understand the laws in specific townships throughout Ontario.
2. The Royal Homes site team is trained and equipped to assess your lot, understand the characteristics that will have challenges and help you through the paper work.
3. Royal Homes design team has the experience you can rely on to help you design your dream home, taking advantage of the special features of your dream lot.
4. Royal Homes walks with you through the entire process. They are there – from the beginning to end – making sure that everything goes smoothly.

Those are broad strokes. Stay tuned and I’ll give you a few personal tips on finding the lot that works for you.


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