Net Zero Features Shine


Our client Glenn made sure his new custom-built Portland home had the Net Zero features he wanted. We were happy to oblige.

“Because we were getting a brand new home, I wanted something that was super-insulated,” Glenn said.

That’s exactly what Royal Homes delivered to his Hamilton lot – a home specifically designed to incorporate Net Zero features and fit perfectly onto a slender inner-city lot.

Super-insulation was in. Gas furnace was out. Glenn went with a heat pump instead.

Electricity would be his economical path.

“I wanted to reduce my power bills as much as possible,” he said. “So when we designed the house, we had the roof built for taking the weight of solar panels. And that was included in the original design of the house.”

Twenty-two solar panels were placed on the roof – or about 11 kilowatts worth of panels.

In the summer, the panels produce more power than our client uses, giving him a credit he can use during the winter. The plan is to bring the total bill down to zero.

“I think it’s working out great, even though we’ve had a lot of cloudy days.”

Having a solar-powered Royal Home, with Net Zero features built in, has been a shining game plan for Glenn and Melody.

“We got the house we wanted, the design we wanted,” he said. “It’s working out really well. We like what we’ve got here.”


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