Royal Homes donates $150,000

Donation to Wingham & District Hospital fundraising campaign will help hospital with purchase of a new CT Scanner


Royal Homes is pleased to donate $150,000 to the Wingham & District Hospital Foundation to support our community hospital’s fundraising campaign to purchase a new CT Scanner.This essential piece of brand-new equipment will help secure the future of local healthcare, improve emergency care and boost the digital imaging department at the hospital.

“Royal Homes is a wonderful community-focused business and we are fortunate they are joining us in building a community that cares for one another,’ said Mark Foxton, chair of the Caring Together fundraising campaign.

CT Scan is very effective at surveying the whole body and is best for images of bone injuries, blood clots and spinal injuries.

Scans can be performed quickly.

More than half of the $2.5-million fundraising goal has been achieved.To support the Caring Together campaign, go to:


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