Our first 1st Net Zero Dream Home

Our 1st certified NET ZERO home is efficient, comfortable & solar powered for our Rideau River clients Robert and Catherine.

Our first certified Net Zero custom home is much more than efficient, solar-powered and comfortable for happy clients Robert and Catherine.
“It’s wonderful,” Catherine said.
It’s historic too, the first official Net Zero home in the 52-year history of Royal Homes.
Thirty-six solar panels make Robert and Catherine’s custom retirement home a model of efficiency and comfort, producing more energy than it uses. The tiny, drafty cottage that long stood on their Rideau River lot seems a distant memory.
With plenty of extra insulation, and double-exterior walls with staggered studs to prevent thermal bridging, their Net Zero home offers impressive efficiency and comfort.
The temperature outside stays outside while inside temperatures stay inside.
“It’s very welcoming,” Robert said of his new custom Net Zero home.
 “We feel very comfortable in it.”
In the previous two weeks, Robert said, the temperature inside the custom home stayed constant at 68 F or 20 C while fluctuating wildly outside with fall’s arrival.
“Our system has never changed,” Robert said.
“It’s just so good at keeping the same temperature all the time. Whether it’s up or down, it can change outside but it never changes inside.”
Robert and Catherine’s Royal Homes experience building a custom Net Zero home – one that offers operating economy in their retirement – has been an extraordinary pleasure.
“When I came in with my ideas and plans, Royal Homes was great,” Catherine said.
“I brought them in a picture and said, ‘This is what I really want.’ So it was great that they could find a home that could support the solar.”
Catherine enjoyed working with Andrew Melchers, Director of Business Development for Royal Homes, on the Net Zero design that worked best on their lot.
“Andrew was great,” Catherine said. “Every time I had something I wanted to try or thought about, he was always willing to take the time to look with me.”
Robert appreciated the keen interest of Royal Homes president Pieter Venema, as well as the excitement of the set crew which delivered four prefab modules to the site early in 2023.
“You could see this is something they like to do,” Robert said of the workers. “When people enjoy the job they’re doing, you know the company is going to stand behind it and do a good job.”
Royal Homes really was the only Net Zero choice for Robert and Catherine.
“I actually chose Royal because they were the only company that offered us a Net Zero home.” said Catherine who is also proud to share how the Net Zero home was built with their environment-conscious kids and grandkids.
“I wanted a home that would be solar and we would be able to have that economical home as we go into retirement.”
The result for Robert, Catherine, and furry companion Joy, has been “wonderful”.
“Thanks, Royal Homes, for the beautiful retirement home we have.” Catherine said.


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