Pre Fab Construction… Breakthroughs

Traditionally construction has shied from Pre Fab building. But those of you who follow Royal Homes already know that the possibilities of building design with Royal Homes is infinite – driven by your lot and your budget.

The building industry is beginning to take a closer look at the power of custom Pre Fab homes. There are good reasons to choose to Pre Fab:

1. The building time is shorter. The factory has many advantages over building on site. Building times are shorter because the factory isn’t held hostage to the whims of the weather. Two weeks of relentless rain does not slow the building process – because it is completely indoors. This spring is a great example – just when we thought spring was here, we were pelted with another layer of snow. That does not impact factory building.

2. The build is off site. One of the biggest challenges of on-site construction is to live in a construction site for multiple months – or years, in some cases. We all know how frustrating it is to work around construction. With Pre Fab, that time is drastically reduced. The building is built off site – and delivered in nearly completed units. There is no elongated disruption of services.

3. The build is greener. For companies concerned about their environmental impact, factory built is the way to go. Standardized processes make the build ultra efficient, eliminate needless waste. It just makes sense.

Today modular factories thrive on the challenge to build unique buildings, maximizing efficiencies, modern technology and design.

Keep watching – you’ll be seeing more and more custom Pre Fab homes.


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