WOW – Pre Fab Building is Awesome

Well, the lights weren’t really on – as the electrical had to be connected on-site. But I used that line because most people don’t believe the extent to which their home is finished when it is delivered. I was shocked to see that the light fixtures were equipped with bulbs when the house was delivered – seriously. Each section was so near completion I could hardly believe it.

One of the most important facets of efficient factory building, is the process.

Think of the traditional build. It all starts with the spade cutting into to the soft ground – we call it “ground breaking”. With Pre-Fab builds we still have the formal ground breaking to set the basement and foundation.

But here is the difference…

While the on-site crew is setting the foundation, the in-factory team is building your home. There is no gap. No waiting for the concrete to set. It can all be done at the same time! And the rooms are built in strategic process. Your home – completely customized – follows a rigid and proven process that ensures quality.


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