In Step 1 and 2 we had a conversation about your Dream Home and together prepared a detailed Design and Layout, then added options with your Personal Style and Colors. In Step 3 and 4 we got on our Boots, walked your Lot and set the first stakes in the ground. Then Construction of the Foundation began under the watchful eye of our Site Manager. Now Step 5. Your Home is built indoors.  You can visit the factory as many times as you like to see how it is done.  You have to be quick though.  A week and a half is all it takes. You may want to see us on a rainy day.  Your home will be indoors nice and dry.  No hold-up in the build at all.  Take your camera.  If you can’t make it to the factory, no problem we will send you photos. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your home come together live and in 3D.  Stand in the rooms.  Look at your drawings and floor plans and Imagine the space and how you will live in it. Our plant pros will answer any questions you have and show you what work we still have to do on site after your home is delivered.

Your home is subject to 250 plus Quality Control Checks.  The QC program is CSA approved and subject to inspection every year.  We want to build it properly and airtight to give you maximum energy efficiency, no matter how you heat your home. Recycling and separating waste building materials has been part of our culture long before Green programs were the norm.  See the recycle bins on your factory tour.  Factory building produces less waste then building a home on-site. We pride ourselves on keeping our factory floor clean and tidy.  Much the same as your home. Watch how we wrap your home to weatherproof it for the trip from the factory to your lot. It’s like making sure your children are properly dressed before they go play outside. Your home is now built, ready for delivery.

Are you excited?  We sure are!. We want you to have a New Home that you will Love.



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