In Step 1 and 2 we had a conversation about your Dream Home and together prepared a detailed Design and Layout, then added options with your Personal Style and Colors.

In Step 3 we got on our Boots, walked your Lot and set the first stakes in the ground.

Now Step 4. Construction begins. We have your building permit and while you home is being built indoors in our factory you get to see the professionals and machines at work on your lot.

The Dig. We move in the heavy equipment and begin digging the hole in the ground. The excavated dirt or fill goes elsewhere on your site for reuse or is trucked away. Down we go making sure we dig just far enough so that the “Top” of your Foundation is at the correct height.

This is where you look at this large hole and try to picture your home standing proud. Most of us can’t believe the hole looks so big. It looks enormous because it is empty and is a few feet wider then the plans to have room to work.

Our construction team and your building inspector look carefully at the soil and its bearing capacity. Every lot is different. Could be sand, clay, gravel a combination or even some water.


We have seen it all. If necessary, an outside engineer will come in to take a look and advise.

This is so critical.

We all know about the need for a firm foundation. But for your own home you want the assurance that it is constructed properly. The number one warranty issue for homes worldwide is the foundation. It has to be strong! It has to keep the water out!

Next, the foundation footings are poured and the foundation wall forms are put in place for the concrete wall pour. Prior to the delivery of your home, we wait until the concrete dries or cures to full strength.

We supervise the construction of each home foundation with our own Site Supervisors.

After building thousands we have the specs down.

The foundation has to be built right. We want you to have a New Home that you will Love.



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