Should You Build a Sunroom? 5 Things to Consider

Suppose you came up with a “wish list” of the most desirable features you’d love to have in your next home. Would that list include…

  • An abundance of mood-boosting natural light?
  • Plenty of extra space to relax and unwind?
  • A great view of the space around your home?
  • An entire collection of vibrant, healthy houseplants?
  • A special, secluded room where you can practice your favourite hobbies?

Well, believe it or not, your custom-built home could boast all these features at once – and in one room!

We’re talking about a sunroom! While they aren’t as common a feature as they used to be, well-designed sunrooms can be a boon to the health, happiness and overall comfort of your home.

1. Benefits of Natural Light

You probably already know this, but sunlight has been shown to have a profoundly positive effect on your mental well-being.

The science behind these mood-boosting effects is fascinating: namely, sunlight triggers reactions with serotonin and endorphins. Without getting too technical, studies show that ultraviolet (UV) light activates cells that release molecules responsible for boosting your mood.

That’s not all! Healthy levels of the sun can also produce antioxidizing effects, which lower inflammation through nitric oxide that’s generated in your skin. Offsetting your inflammation is said to act as a catalyst for improved mental health.

2. Secluded, Sun-Filled Retreat

Once you’re all settled in, you’ll likely be having your children and grandchildren over to visit your new home quite often. How wonderful it’ll be to be surrounded by family again!

Of course, even the most extroverted among us can still use a bit of quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of houseguests. Enter the sunroom! This secluded space acts as a much-needed reprieve and sanctuary from the rest of your home.

A sunroom can be your own private space where you do some reading, painting, meditating, or whatever else you need to feel at peace.

3. Full View of the Outdoors

A key attribute of a sunroom is the massive, all-encompassing windows that give you a full view of the outdoors. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in the beauty of the outdoors with the controlled, comfortable temperature indoors.

Talk about the best of both worlds!

4. Ideal for Hobbies and Exercise

Most of us fall into one of two categories: someone who enjoys exercise, or someone who wants to exercise more.

If you’re a fan of exercise, all the mood and energy-boosting benefits of your sunroom will make your workouts more enjoyable and engaging. Conversely, if you’re struggling to commit to being more active, you might find inspiration in the surrounding beauty and brightness of this beautiful room!

You can also enjoy your other hobbies, whether it’s reading, writing, painting, or almost anything else, while enveloped in the warm beauty of your sunroom.

5. Haven for Houseplants

Do you fancy yourself something of an indoor gardener? You’ll revel in the luxury of a sunroom!

This feature is an undeniable boon if you’ve always had a passion for plants but could never get enough sun in your previous homes.

The glass walls and ceilings of a sunroom provide a balmy, warm atmosphere that’s perfect for tropical plants. It’s not quite the same as a greenhouse, but a sunroom gives your plants a sun-filled safe haven even during the coldest, frostiest months of the year!

If you love the outdoors and enjoy bright, mood-boosting spaces, a sunroom could be the perfect room for you!

At Royal Homes, we’re no strangers to building homes with picture-perfect sunrooms. Contact us by email or call us at 1-800-265-3083 to start planning your custom home today!


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