5 of the Trendiest Ways to Colour Your Kitchen

Designing your custom home is an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget. The possibilities are endless, and you know you’ll be spending the rest of your days in a space that’s just perfect for you!

But at first, the possibilities can feel overwhelming. It can be tough to narrow down the seemingly endless list of options for your home’s layout, style and finishes!

For instance, what colour do you plan on choosing for your kitchen? you can go with the traditional white kitchen, of course, but what if you crave something unique?

At Royal Homes, we’ve got some keen insights into how you can bring the spirit of colour into your new kitchen! Here are a few of our favourite ideas and kitchen colour trends in 2020.

1. Monochrome is the Modern Choice

Monochromatic shades of black, white and grey offer both a modern and classical look for your kitchen. The elegance and sophistication of the design is an ideal fit if you’re seeking something more traditional with a bit of flair.

Bold contrast is perfectly fitting if you want your custom home to look completely state-of-the-art. Monochromatic shades on your cabinets and countertops are also versatile, providing an understated yet eye-catching accent to any other colours you’ve chosen.

Currently, black interiors are a trendy colour choice for kitchens, with searches for ‘black kitchen’ jumping up 46% year-to-year! To see why, check out HGTV Canada’s beautiful black kitchen gallery for inspiration.

2. Green is Bold and Beautiful

Many modern designers believe green is a vital colour for your kitchen.

Vibrant forest greens are of a more standard kitchen shade, having been used for generations. Conversely, more contemporary approaches to design have utilized paler greens, as well as earthy mid greens.

Really, there’s an extensive range for this lively colour—from serene sage greens to more refined jewel tones, there’s plenty of options.

Furthermore, research from Houzz shows that ‘green kitchens’ searches saw a 50% increase from 2018 to 2019!  

3. A Gentler Approach

If you’ve decided to with white-quartz countertops in your kitchen (they’re extremely popular), softer, more gentle cabinet colours might be the ideal complement.

Softer blues, greens, and pinks for your kitchen cabinets offer a tranquil and peaceful vibe. So, if you want to feel calm and serene in your kitchen, this gentler approach to design might be for you!

Specifically, if you’re into quiet activities like meditation, yoga, and reading, you’ll want to put serious thought into a soft colour palette for your kitchen.

Furthermore, when coupled with other soft shades, these colours are conducive to romantic and light-filled spaces.

4. Setting Two Tones in Your Kitchen

Kitchens with two tones have become a massive trend in 2020. It’s all about finding an aesthetic harmony with the perfect contrast. To many, this balance is preferable to drowning in uniformed tones!

Choosing two tones is the perfect middle ground between purely white kitchens and those that are splashed with a blinding array of hues. The best design practice for choosing your two cabinet tones is going with something darker for the bottom cabinets and choosing a lighter colour for above.

Really, though, we’re only scratching the surface on the advice you can apply to your two-toned kitchen!

5. Go Retro and Multiply Your Colours

There’s nothing wrong with a little slice of the past in your home. With a genuinely striking throwback design, you’ll feel like happy, distant memories are occurring in the here and now!

If you’re looking to establish that retro feel in your home, colourful appliances are a great way to start. Our suggestion is to keep things small and straightforward at first, such as starting with a colourful kettle or standing mixer or blender.

Alternatively, you can dive in head-first with both a pastel-coloured refrigerator and oven.

With a bit of help from our Royal Homes design experts, your customized home will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of! Learn how to start the home building process today.


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