Smart Home Technology That Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you’re only as smart as your home?”

Neither have we, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong – and we think it has a ring to it!

It should come as no surprise that smart home technology has become so prevalent, given we’re living in a fast-moving digital revolution. Of course, there is always the concern of practicality when you hear about something like a smart home.

Is it just a bunch of gimmicks and flashy devices? Or, is this technology a valuable tool that can make life in your dream home even more carefree?

Well, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Certainly, some devices are a tad bit “smarter” than others, but with a bit of forethought, smart home technology can make your day-to-day life in your custom home a whole lot easier!

Let’s take a closer look into the world of smart home technology and how it can help make your new home as comfortable as can be.

Saving Time and Money With Smart Home Technology

There’s reason to believe that equipping your home with this technology could save you as much as $2,000 per year in utility bills, meaning what you spend on installations will eventually be offset by what you’re saving in other areas.

There’s also evidence showing it’s possible that smart homes can save up to 30 minutes of your time every day, so you’ll have that little bit of extra time to spend on doing the things you love.

Smart home technology can also help you protect your home from costly damage, and make controlling your home’s systems a whole lot easier – which can be a big help to those who use a walker or wheelchair.

Here are a few of the most beneficial smart home gadgets that can bring you tremendous value in your new home!

Leak Detection Technology

Did you know that leaks, on average, waste 37854 litres of water per year?

Leaks can catch you off guard. Often, you’ll only find out about them once you’ve already run up your water bill, or one of your cherished possessions gets water-damaged.

Smart water monitors detect leaks throughout your system with ultrasonic technology. Installing the device onto your pipes doesn’t take more than a few minutes. From there, an app on your phone receives all the critical data.

Most importantly, you’ll be flagged if something happens to be wrong. Having this tool will help keep your dream home in pristine condition!

Security Made Smarter

Many modern home security systems can hook up with a smart device control centre that connects all your smart technology together for seamless use. This can include indoor and outdoor cameras.

Smart cameras can upload the video to the internet automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing the footage, even if the camera itself is damaged or goes missing. There are also companies that can handle the security software for you so you don’t have to worry about the complexities.

Smart security offers the comfort of having peace of mind!

Smartly Enhancing Your Refrigerator

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Samsung has come out with the world’s first smart fridge, called the Family Hub 2.0. It has voice recognition, allowing you to perform the following functions while barely lifting a finger:

  • Update your grocery list
  • Order food online
  • Search Recipes

You can even find out when your eggs will expire or what the weather is outside! While it’s far from a necessity, you can imagine how this kind of technology could help you stay on top of things in a big, busy family or multi-generational household. A few years from now, smart fridge technology could very well become as common as smart thermostats and smart cameras!

Smarten Up Your Energy Bill

With a centralized smart thermostat, you can control the temperature of each room from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This is ideal for anyone who is limited in their mobility, or simply for anyone who forgets to adjust the temperature before they leave the house!

Since you have more control over the conditions in your home, you can mitigate energy costs by keeping specific rooms at less demanding temperatures. This also optimizes comfort, because you can ensure rooms at an ideal temperature for you.

Your New Home Means a New Beginning

Really, we’re just scratching the surface with this impressive automated technology. The benefits of a smart home are far-reaching. Why not maximize every last ounce of enjoyment and value out of your new home?

Your home is a customized space that should cater to all your preferences. Embracing the perks of smart home technology can further improve your comfort and quality of life!

Reach out to us online or call us to start planning your dream home today!


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