The Ultimate GIft-Giving Guide for Cottagers

Depending on a number of circumstances, cottage life can be very different from life in the city. Woodstove heating, outdoor plumbing, or even access to electricity can make cottage essentials more unique.

So, what do you buy the cottage dweller in your life?

Whether you’re lucky enough to be invited as a guest or are looking for the perfect gift for the cottager in your life – we’ve got you covered with our 2019 cottage gift-giving guide.

A Weather Station

We’ve all been there; the weather forecast reads sunny but rain pelts down on your cabin windows. Weather at the cottage can be unpredictable, to say the least.

Personalized weather stations have got more sophisticated in recent years, yet increasingly easy to set up and use. If you want a unit that will survive both foul and fair weather, look for sturdy construction and materials. Basic systems measure temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall and humidity. Some of the most popular weather stations include Ambient Weather and AcuRite.

For the most accurate reading, the best spots to place your personalized weather station are in your garden, on a windowsill or on a personalized porch created to fit your needs perfectly.

Hudson’s Bay Blanket

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than snuggling up with an iconic Hudson’s Bay blanket. Perfect for chilly evenings by the lake or a late-night bonfire.

Impress your cottage-going friends with a thoughtful gift that adds some Canadian pride to their second home.

Customized Sign

From ceilings to doors, at Royal Homes, we know that families love to customize their cottages. Adding a personalized touch to their home-away-from-home makes weekends away a bit cozier.

A customized sign makes for a great cottage gift, whether you go for classic cottage messaging or the family name – it’ll show your friend how much you care.

Dinner Bell

Chances are during the warmer months everyone’s scatted everywhere at the cottage – down by the lake, lounging on the dock, fishing or chopping wood.

A vintage-styled dinner bell is the perfect gift for any cottage goer. There’s nothing better than spending time with people you love at the cottage and now your host can call everyone together with this vintage-styled dinner bell.

Garden Décor

We know that cottagers not only appreciate a customized interior, but a beautifully unique exterior. For those who spend their weekends perfecting their hobby garden or keeping their landscape looking exquisite – a piece of garden décor is the ideal gift.

From planters to windchimes, there are plenty of beautiful shops driving through cottage country to pick up a unique gift for your hosts.

The Perfect Planner

For the friend (and future host) who’s not yet made all of their cottaging dreams a reality – a high performance planner is essential.

From choosing the perfect lot to considering popular design trends building a cottage is a lot of work. Not only does it take time, but organization.

Cottage season is nearly here and whether your visiting friends for the weekend or celebrating the avid cottager in your life – we’ve got you covered.


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