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Staking your Territory

Planning Your Lot & Home

When my wife and I bought our first property, we were novices. Fortunately, there were very few challenges with the building process. But the next time we were a little more prepared for the process. And we chose to build with Royal Homes. Their team knows how to move the process forward – and, trust me, each municipality has it own unique set of rules and regulations.

Once the design phase is done and you have the drawings in hand, you must submit them to the municipality. Royal helps you through this.

Many of you will have already read the story of the Island Home that Royal set a couple of years ago. One of the biggest challenges to overcome was the island itself – there were no actual roads to the lot! The home had to be transported to the island with barges. As you may expect, it was a challenging process. But the home builder had no worries because the Royal Homes team worked through the details, ensuring the successful delivery of the home.

Once the plan is submitted and permits for the building, electrical, plumbing, septic and sewer are applied for, our teams stakes out the home. Using the plans already drawn up, the stakes are set into the ground.

While my kids don’t get it – I found this to be one of the most exciting moments of building our home. Each peg that was hammered into the ground represented my dream, my imagination, my new home! For the first time the new home was a reality – I could actually see the outline of the home. I could walk over the ground and imagine where the kitchen, dining room and living room would actually be. I could stand on the bare ground and look out the windows, seeing the view that I would see when my home was complete.

Had the best experience with Royal Homes. From start to finish, the professionalism of all the staff was top notch. Whether it was the office staff, the sales rep, or the guys who came onsite, everyone was always friendly and able to help us when needed. We really enjoyed the plant tour, and got to see our home while we were there.Wendy
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