Trends in Home Building: Outdoor Living

The CarlingThe CitadelThe AncasterThe JasperThe LakeviewAfter this winter, you may have little hope for living outdoors ever again! But the spring flowers are pushing through the soil, a sign that winter has finally come to an end!

Designing your home to move smoothly from inside to outdoor living spaces is quickly becoming the norm for today’s home owners.

The preplanning and design stages of preparing to build your custom home is critical in creating your outdoor living space. First of all, choose a design that has great options for moving from the inside to the outside. Some of the plans on the Royal Homes web site are perfect. A few I like are The Carling, The Citadel, The Ancaster, The Lakeview and The Jasper.

The Carling is a flexible design that offers families a lot of options. Outdoor access from the dining room and great room makes it perfect for outdoor living. If you visit the model of the Citadel at the Wingham Design Centre you will quickly see just how well the model is designed for multiple levels of outdoor living. The Ancaster and the Jasper are bungalows designed for optimum use of floor space and reducing wasted space. Both have excellent opportunities to extend the summer living space to the outside, and excellent us of space allowing you to expand parties and gatherings to the outside!

The Lakeview is designed for waterfront space. When you choose a design for your cottage, outdoor living space is essential as you want your family and guests to be able to move easily between the two spaces.


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