Trends in Home Building: Accessibility

Lynden-ExteriorArchitects call it “universal design.” What it means is to design your home without limitations. Accessibility is an important facet of today’s home design. Even if your family does not have a member with limited mobility, friends and neighbours may. Starting out with an accessible design ensures a delightful and friendly home that invites everyone to share the space.

When you are looking at designs, watch for homes without multiple levels, challenging the elderly or those that lack deft in mobility. A bungalow open to the outside space is a perfect design, giving everyone access to home and nature.

In today’s designs, sunken living rooms and spiral staircases are a thing of the past. Open concept living helps to make your home more accessible. But a little more planning needs to go into bathrooms, kitchens and laundry spaces. Take into account the height of the counters and and counter space for a wheelchair, if needed.Lynden-Kitchen-1

Smart design almost always eliminates long hallways. If you take a look at the Lynden (you can visit the home at the Wingham Design Centre) you will quickly see how the design team planned this home for easy accessibility.


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