Water Management

Early in July, Toronto was hit by an unprecedented rainstorm. The city drains were overloaded and the city was a mess. You’ve seen the photos. Dealing with water – especially on a custom lot you purchased – is one of the most critical areas to research.

I chose Royal Homes as my custom home builder because building on unique custom lots is their specialty. They have been doing this for over 40 years. They have a site team that comes out to your site before you even start to design your home. They can work with your surveyor and engineer who put together the lot drainage plan.

It’s important that you consider all seasons. Torrents of rain in the summer can cause tremendous damage, even if the rainfall only lasts a few hours. When you build a home on undeveloped land, you are changing the landscape. Even when you do everything you can to preserve the natural environment, you are disrupting the natural flow. Nature didn’t design the space for the house. You need to work with nature to make sure the flow of the water is directed away from your house.

You also need to find ways to enhance the natural flow of water so that you preserve the land. Taking good care of your lot ensures generations of enjoyment in the dream home you built.

But in Ontario, rain is only half of the equation.

Snow is the other. Depending on the tree lines and other natural facets of your lot, the snow will layer in different ways. Building your driveway for minimum snow helps manage the snow. Making sure the melting snow can easily drain away from your home is critical.

Discovering the spring runoff in your brand-new house is very disappointing.

Royal Homes will build your foundation and basement, high and dry… you can sit back and enjoy it.


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