Your Perfect Lot

One of the biggest advantages of Royal Homes is that they are able to build your dream home on your chosen lot with the least possible damage to the lot itself.

You’ve chosen your lot with a lot of care.  One of the reasons you want to build there is because the land itself is important to you.  Building to preserve the natural habitat will give you the full benefit of the lot you choose.

We can’t build without impacting nature.  We have to build a foundation or basement.  We have to account for drainage, sewer, electrical and the building itself.  But Royal Homes has more than 40 years of experience in building your custom home in a factory and then delivering it to your lot – intact.

To explore this, take a look at two custom homes that presented some unique challenges.

The first is the island cottage.

Core to the building of this cottage was preserving the natural landscape.  The island was a family heirloom, a tradition.  For three generations the family had spent their summers on the island.  The new cottage is a celebration of the island itself and the family’s memories.

The island itself presented a few challenges.  First of all, every part of the home building had to be transported over water.  There are no roads.  No other ways to get there.  Because the family chose Royal Homes, the actual setting of the home only took a few weeks and they were able to enjoy the new home.  You can see on the video that Royal Homes used an access road in order to transport the units to the site.  They then used a large crane to position each segment of the home into place – over the trees and the rocks that are so much a part of the pleasure of the lot.

The second custom home is a completely different situation.  Right in the center of Toronto, this family bought the lot they loved – but the house on the existing lot needed extensive repairs.  The family wanted their dream home on their dream lot – so they went to Royal Homes.

In this case, we set the home right in an existing neighbourhood.  No trees were displaced.  The actual setup of the home took 1 day – so the disturbance to the neighbourhood was short.  The home was completely finished in just 2 weeks, so there was very little construction to contend with.

The pre-fab process is an amazing construction strategy in tune with green strategies.


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